Seasonal Selling Tips & Guidelines for Brochure Fundraising

Q. When are the main selling seasons and when should I contact prospective customers for those seasons?

A.  The main selling seasons are fall and then spring.  Schools, especially PTA’s and large school groups such as bands, etc. often make a decision to run a brochure fundraiser many months in advance.  It is not unusual for them to choose a fall / winter program anywhere from two to eight months in advance, slightly less time for spring.  Smaller groups, sports teams, etc. make decisions a month or two in advance or as quickly as a few weeks or less before the start date.

Q. What is a rep responsible for and what is the rep’s main job description?

A. We at The Goodies Factory expect our representatives to be our eyes and ears with respect to finding and speaking to local potential clients.  To find the decision-makers in your community and have them review and learn about our programs.  We want our reps to engage these people and find out when they make decisions and sell them on running a brochure fundraiser with our company.  Separately, we want our reps to be on call, especially with large accounts to be there when the product arrives (if the sponsor asks for that service), to help facilitate the distribution of products, and to be there if the client needs additional support.

Q. How do I keep up to date with new brochures, information and updates from the corporate office at The Goodies Factory?

A. We are always looking for new brochures to offer our “Fundraising Representatives” and our site is always being updated.  We strongly suggest that our reps keep in touch with us by visiting the site and sending messages and requests to us.  Please take the time to re-visit the site every so often and send messages to: [email protected]

Q. I have a school / group interested in doing a brochure fundraiser, what should I do first?

A. The first thing to do is have them sign the “Program Agreement”  which gets them locked in, then we suggest you fax it into us with your “Rep Label” attached to it.  Secondly, we suggest you find out as much about their past fundraising endeavors such as how much they raised last time, how many participants, what type of brochure did they use and what are their expectations.

Q. I have spoken to a prospective “Brochure Fundraising” client and they have questions that are new to me; what should I do?

A. Here at the corporate office we are well schooled in assisting our “Fundraising Representatives” in every aspect of running a product fundraising program.  Whether you are in a meeting with a potential client or have questions of your own, please call our toll free number during our normal business hours at 877-873-6297  8:30- 4:30, Mon.-Fri.,

Q. How do new reps get additional distributor kits or FREE kits?

A. We make additional distributor kits available to new reps that have not yet generated revenue for a cost of $2.00 per kit.  Reps that generate business on an ongoing basis will always receive additional kits completely free of charge.

Q. Is there some kind of quota working with your company?  How long will you work with a new rep and is there a territory for me?

A. We do not work on a quota system; we work with our reps on a best-efforts basis.  We will work with a rep as long as the rep is interested and makes a legitimate effort to keep in touch with our organization.  We work hard to communicate with our reps and if we do not hear back from them, their accounts will be de-activated.  With respect to a territory, a rep will be reviewed for a territory when revenue exceeds $75,000 per year.

Q.  Are there additional costs to me regarding promoting your program?

A.  Field sales reps are assessed for the following:  3% prize fee (if applicable) and cost for incentive programs.