Crazy About Prizes

This is a program that gets your kids excited and eager to sell as many items as possible, so they can win their favorite prizes. The more you sell, the more prizes you win! Prizes include Hover Boat and Drone, Blue Tooth Boom Box Speaker, Mattel Hot Wheels Sky Shock Remote Controlled Plane and more.

Popcorn Prize Program

Super simple and very motivational! Who doesn’t love popcorn? For every 3 items sold you get 1 FREE bag of popcorn! You can also use the collected coupons for a drawing to win a Grand Prize provided by you! Or, if you prefer, we will tabulate your orders and send the popcorn prizes with your orders.

2% Cash Back

This is great for any group. Use this to buy top sellers or whole group prizes. Use your 2% Cash Back to fund pizza parties, gift cards, tuition fees, clothing and anything you can dream up! At the end of the sale we simply credit your invoice by 2% to help pay for the prize!