What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say About Our Products


The Goodies Factory was quick about getting my orders delivered. Since we only had a few days in which to go out selling, we were thankful for the quickness in the delivery. I will definitely do business with this company again.


P. Roberts – Detroit, MI

I enjoyed the place and bake cookies so much the last time I purchased them at our school fundraiser that I ordered twice as much this time as before.

P. Roberts - Detroit, MI

Jim Z., Principal – Hamilton, OH

I just wanted to say “Thank You”. My elementary school recently held our first annual ‘Popcorn & Cookie Dough’ Sale… we sold over 15,000 bags of popcorn and 4,000 boxes of cookie dough! These totals blew us away! With your company’s guidance, our distribution went so quickly and easily. We completed the entire distribution within 4 hours, with only two orders left over – unlike other fundraising that have products left over for weeks. Again, thank you for your great organization and absolutely fantastic fundraising products! I highly recommend your company and the product to anyone.

Jim Z., Principal - Hamilton, OH

A. Campbell – Xenia, OH

Thank you Goodies Factory for making pre-portioned cookies available for anyone to purchase.

A. Campbell - Xenia, OH

Sara – George Washington Elementary

We’ve had different fundraisers before but The Goodies Factory went above and beyond from beginning to end to ensure that we were completely satisfied. The organization and delivery went remarkably smooth and exceeded our expectations in every way.

Sara - George Washington Elemenary

John – Christ Memorial

Our Church youth group was able to raise several hundred dollars in just a short time by using your program. The great thing about the program was that it was simple and easy to use for all of the youth, regardless of their ages. We certainly plan on using more of the fun programs from The Goodies Factory in the future.

John - Christ Memorial

P. Brooks – Grand Rapids, MI

Pre-portioned cookies are so easy to make that my children made most of them.

P. Brooks - Grand Rapids, MI


The Goodies Factory was incredible. From beginning to end I was guided through the process. They made it very simple and the end product looks great. Their items are an easy sell and our fundraising effort will no doubt be a huge success.


Bonnie – PTA president & Cookie Lover

I bought your cookie dough from my niece, who attends a local elementary school. I tried four flavors of dough — they were all great, easy-to-use, and made wonderful tasting cookies. The idea of buying something useful, rather than looking through books full of items you can buy at discount stores for half the price, was very nice. I know we will be selling your cookie dough next year. Your company has a top-notch product — keep up the good work.

Bonnie - PTA president & Cookie Lover

Jim – Head Coach

The Goodies Factory Fundraising does a great job of maximizing how much money we make and they work hard at building a great fundraiser. They helped us hit new levels. I was actually suprised how much we made.

Jim - Head Coach