Frankenmuth Fundraising – Brochure Fundraiser

Selling Price: $14 – $25
Setup Costs: FREE
Availability: Aug – Dec
Profit: 40% Profit
50 item minimum

Why Choose Frankenmuth Fundraising?

This 16 page holiday shopper features over 44 items ranging from our delicious family size gourmet popcorn flavors to an incredible collection of jumbo holiday wrapping paper. Also, included is our top selling gourmet candies & snacks, cookies and wrapping accessories.

Anyone Can Sell!

Whether it's a school trip or new uniforms for your baseball team, anyone can do a fundraiser. The fundraisers aren't limited to only the one's schools and organizations put on. You're allowed to individually fundraise for your organization by yourself. You set up the fundraiser, you do the selling, and you earn the profits!

Fundraising Benefits

    • NO MONEY UP FRONT – There is no cost to get started!
    • FREE SELLING MATERIALS – We provide all the selling materials absolutely free. We furnish color brochures, prize flyers, posters and cover letters for all of your sellers at no cost to your organization.
    • FREE SHIPPING – Free shipping to schools/organizations as long as you meet the low minimum of at least 50 units.
    • INCENTIVE PROGRAMS – Our incentive programs are designed to motivate sellers to participate in the fundraiser. We offer cumulative prize programs, cash back incentive, popcorn and much more. Ask your representative for more details.
    • PACKING OPTIONS – We offer different packing options depending on the brochure selection and the needs of your organization. Pre-packaged per seller orders are available in most cases. If you have a group of volunteers you can take your order bulk, but it will still be picked to the piece to avoid any left overs.