Support My Fundraiser – Soft Baked Classic Cookies

Selling Prices: $25.00
Setup Costs: FREE
Availability: In Stock
Profit: 50% Profit
Free Shipping: Yes*
(minimums apply)

Why Choose The Goodies Factory?

  • There is no middle man marking up your cost and reducing your profit
  • Minimum order for free shipping are the states in gray
  • There are never any shortages or substitute items
  • Always in stock

Anyone Can Sell!

Whether it's a school trip or new uniforms for your baseball team, anyone can do a fundraiser. The fundraisers aren't limited to only the one's schools and organizations put on. You're allowed to individually fundraise for your organization by yourself. You set up the fundraiser, you do the selling, and you earn the profits!

Fundraising Benefits

    • Highest Profit GUARANTEED! – Our profit is guaranteed at 50% Profit of $12.50 per unit sold as long as you meet the minimum order of 150 Units.
    • Lowest Order Minimums – We have the lowest order minimums in the industry of 150 items.
    • Free Shipping – We offer you free shipping when you order 150 items or more. So a small group of 15 sellers, selling 10 items each, will reach that level.
    • Attractive Order-Takers – The cookie dough photos and the brochure design are developed by industry professionals. With such appeal, the cookie dough becomes such an easy sell.
    • Order Online – At Support My Fundraiser.org, brochure or via our Support My Fundraiser App on App Store or Google Play.
    • Personal Fundraising Assistants – Our team has been helping organize cookie dough fundraising campaigns for over a decade. We’ll help you find the right one for your group!
    • FREE to Start! – We’ll send you free cookie dough order-takers so you can start selling today.