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If you need a great fundraiser that is different from the traditional candy fundraiser, try selling Smencils. Smencils are deliciously scented pencils made entirely from recycled newspaper. They are good for the environment and for the waistline.

The Original Smencils pack is filled with fragrant pencils in many popular scents. Each pail contains 50 Smencils:

  • 5 Grape Soda
  • 5 Cotton Candy
  • 5 Bubble Gum
  • 5 Orange Lollipop
  • 5 Jelly Dounut
  • 5 Lemon Lime Fizz
  • 5 Gum-E Bear
  • 5 Strawberry Cubcake
  • 5 Rootbeer
  • 5 Watermelon

Flavors may be changed at any time.

Each case ordered contains 10 pre-packed pails filled with 50 smencils, 5 of each of the 10 scents. Each of these fragrant pencils is guaranteed to smell great for at least 2 years. You will find that purchasers are anxious to purchase these unique pencils. This is a fun fundraiser that is always popular with parents and students alike.

This fundraiser can be very profitable for your school. You will earn profits of 46% with each and every sale. Since the product you are offering is unique and one of a kind buyers are typically more than willing to make a purchase.  Smencils make great gifts and are fun to use every day.

Orders shipped to California will be charged tax.

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