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  • Exciting colors and fruit flavors in every Color Blaster Lollipop!
  • Every lick reveals more colors in the pop and on your tongue.

Bring a little mystery to your next lollipop fundraiser with these Color Xploder Lollipops. Each colorful pop has a mystery flavor that can only be discovered upon taking a lick. It is really fun to try a few pops and to discover the mystery flavor behind each one. Don’t worry every flavor of these Color Xploder pops is delicious.  

Color Xploders are Nut, Gluten, Egg, Milk, Lactose, & Shellfish free.

Another reason that these surprising pops are a great fundraising choice is their bright and vibrant colors. You will receive an assortment of colorful, swirled lollipops with each and every order. These colorful lollipops are just as appealing to the eyes as they are to the mouth making it easy to find purchasers for these yummy lollipops.

Color Xploder pops are a great way to earn the money that your organization needs. They carry a profit potential of 52% depending on your order size. We only require a 1 case order, so small organizations can still enjoy the money earning power of this school fundraiser. Don’t choose the same candy fundraiser again and again. Instead try something surprising this year with Color Xploder Lollipops. The bright colors and mysterious flavors will surely bring a smile to many faces.


Lollipops cannot be returned.  All sales are final.

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