Packing Options

The Goodies Factory offers two types of packaging, Student/ Pre-pack and Bulk packaging.

Student Pack is available to groups with over 100 participants and is the simplest way of distributing orders.  We require the order forms be sent to The Goodies Factory by some form of trackable mail. E.g.: UPS, Fed EX or priority.  We add up the orders, create a spreadsheet for your records and pack each order per student in alphabetical order. Your Volunteers simply set up the fundraiser order in numerical order to correspond to the spreadsheet.

Bulk orders are available to any size group.  You simply add up the orders, call, fax or email the totals to The Goodies Factory and we complete your order.  We make the distribution easy even with a bulk order.  All of our boxes are color coded with packaging tape so you can see the different products at a glance.

Call any of our helpful customer service operators or ask your sales representative for more information.

Shipping vs Deliveries

The Goodies Factory takes pride in our on-time and on schedule delivery record.  Our friendly drivers deliver all of our orders with our own trucks in certain states and areas.

We deliver the order directly from our factory to your location, unload the product and set it up inside your facility.  Our helpful drivers make sure everything is set up, checked in, and ready for distribution before they leave.  There are no delivery charges if you meet our low minimums. Ask our friendly customer service operators for more details.

If you are outside our normal delivery area we ship the order on a common carrier on a pre-determined day within a 4 hour window.  A courtesy call will be placed first thing in the morning to make sure everything is on track and provide a narrower window of time.

Our shipping is always free if you meet our low minimums. If you have any questions talk to our friendly customer service representatives for details