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Popcorn Fundraisers Are Profitable & Fun

Everyone loves popcorn! Popcorn is the #1 snack in America and it's easy to sell. With our 50% profit margin, popcorn is also a great money maker for your organization. The Goodies Factory and Poppin Popcorn offer a variety of top-selling flavors ranging from Jalapeño, White Cheddar, crunchy flavors like Caramel and Chicago Style, or sweet dessert flavors like Cookies and Cream and Strawberry Shortcake. There’s something for everyone! Parents interested in healthier snacks will love the fact that your fundraiser popcorn pops in a heart-healthy air popper versus an unhealthy oil popper.

This brochure includes giant 1 Gallon bags of the following popcorn flavors: Caramel, Cheddar Jalapeño, Chicago Style, White Cheddar, Three Cheese and Vanilla Gourmet.