Cookie Lovers – Brochure Fundraiser

Selling Prices: $14.00 & $20.00 & $22.00
Setup Costs: FREE
Availability: In Stock
Profit: 50% Profit
Free Shipping: Yes*
(minimums apply)



Cookie Dough Fundraisers Are Profitable & Fun

In addition to being the most popular pre-portioned cookie dough fundraiser, these delicious cookies are also the best fundraising value out there, bar none. The Goodies Factory pre-portioned cookie dough is ready to bake. Each 2.5 lb. box contains 40 (1oz.) frozen cookie dough pucks. Just place on a cookie sheet and bake. In a few minutes you'll have the most scrumptious fresh-baked cookies you can imagine. We also have the lowest resale prices out there at $20.00 and $22.00 with a “NO TIER PRICING STRUCTURE". Also, since this is a pre-order cookie dough fundraiser, you get high profits with no risk. Refer to our minimums for free shipping below under “Why Choose the Goodies Factory?”.

The following cookie dough flavors are included in this brochure: Premium Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chip, Chocolate Pecan, M & M Candy, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar Cookie, Snickerdoodle, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, White Chocolate Cranberry, Lemon Drop and the new Chocolate Lovers Variety Pack.

Why Choose The Goodies Factory?

  • We are the Manufacturer.
  • There is no Middle Man marking up your cost and reducing your profit!
  • Minimum Order for Free Shipping are the states in Red:

Goodies Factory Delivery Map
  • There are never any shortages or substitute items
  • Always in stock, so turnaround time is a week or less.
  • We control all aspects of production, tallying, picking and shipping of orders. We are your one stop fundraising supplier. 

Anyone Can Sell!

Whether it's a school trip or new uniforms for your baseball team, anyone can do a fundraiser. The fundraisers aren't limited to only the one's schools and organizations put on. You're allowed to individually fundraise for your organization by yourself. You set up the fundraiser, you do the selling, and you earn the profits!

Profit & Cost

Total Items
Avg Item
2000 50% 6 6000 $6.00 $36,000
1500 50% 6 4500 $6.00 $27,000
1000 50% 6 3000 $6.00 $18,000
750 50% 6 2250 $6.00 $13,500
500 50% 6 1500 $6.00 $9,000
250 50% 6 750 $6.00 $4,500
100 50% 6 300 $6.00 $1,800
50 50% 6 150 $6.00 $900

Fundraising Benefits

  • NO MONEY UP FRONT – Choose any of our brochure sales and you do not pay for anything until the completion of your sale. Simply choose your brochure, collect the money as you take orders, pay only for the product ordered and you keep the profit.
  • FREE ORDER FORMS - We provide all the selling materials absolutely free. We furnish color brochures, order forms and cover letters for all your sellers at no cost to your organization.
  • AVAILABLE ANY TIME OF THE YEAR - We have a fundraising program that is perfect for any season- Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. We are a year around fundraising company and will find a program that is perfect for your organization.
  • FREE SHIPPING – We ship orders across the country and shipping is always free as long as you meet the low minimum of at least 150 units.
  • INCENTIVE PROGRAMS - Our incentive programs are designed to motivate students to participate in the schools fundraiser. We offer cumulative prize programs, cash back incentive, limousine rides, inflatable parties and much more. Ask your representative for more details.
  • PACKING OPTIONS - We offer different packing options depending on the brochure selection and the needs of your organization. Pre-packaged per student orders are available in most cases. If you have a group of volunteers you can take your order bulk,but it will still be picked to the piece to avoid any left overs.

Why Choose The Goodies Factory?

As a family-owned and operated business, we manufacture our popcorn and cookie dough, and ship it to you directly from our warehouse, thereby cutting out the cost of the middleman. Because of this, we're able to offer not only the highest profits available, but also several personalized services that our competitors don't offer. When you book a fundraiser with The Goodies Factory, you'll enjoy the ease and satisfaction of working with our friendly staff and knowledgeable sales coordinators.