Deli Sandwiches
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Fresh from the Deli Sandwiches

Selling Price: $3.00 – $5.50
Setup Costs: FREE

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Profit: 40%
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Daily Prize Program: Yes
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From Our Customers

"I bought your cookie dough from my niece, who attends a local elementary school. I tried four flavors of dough -- they were all great, easy-to-use, and made wonderful tasting cookies. The idea of buying something useful, rather than looking through books full of items you can buy at discount stores for half the price, was very nice. I know we will be selling your cookie dough next year. Your company has a top-notch product -- keep up the good work."
Bonnie - PTA president & "Cookie Lover"
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Incentive Program

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From Our Blog

Why Choose Fresh from the Deli Sandwiches?

The Goodies Factory Fresh from the Deli Fundraiser is a great way for your organization to earn the funding that they need while selling delicious and easy to sell savory items. 


Our delicious sandwiches are made using the highest quality ingredients. Our croissant sandwiches are packed with delicious deli meats and cheeses on freshly baked croissants.  Our submarine ham and cheese sub is the perfect size for a quick lunch or on the go. French bread pizzas are easy to microwave to crispy and delicious perfection. They feature a variety of cheeses and toppings on freshly baked french bread. We also offer tasty breakfast sandwiches that feature breakfast meats, egg and cheese nestled inside of a fresh English muffin. This brochure also features our newest product, Auntie Anne's pretzels and pretzel dogs, a kids favorite!  These sandwich items will delight all who try them and will easily bring in profits for your organization.


Plus when you work with the Goodies Factory you will have our helpful and friendly sales coordinators every step of the way. We offer personalized services that are unique to the Goodies Factory that will make your fundraising efforts much easier than when working with other companies.


Anyone Can Sell!

Whether it's a school trip or new uniforms for your baseball team, anyone can do a fundraiser. The fundraisers aren't limited to only the one's schools and organizations put on. You're allowed to individually fundraise for your organization by yourself. You set up the fundraiser, you do the selling, and you earn the profits!


Profit & Cost

Total Items
2000 50% 6 6000 $1.50 $9,000
1500 50% 6 4500 $1.50 $6,750
1000 50% 6 3000 $1.50 $4,500
750 50% 6 2250 $1.50 $3,375
500 50% 6 1500 $1.50 $2,250
250 50% 6 750 $1.50 $1,125
100 50% 6 300 $1.50 $450
50 50% 6 150 $1.50 $225


Fundraising Benefits

  • NO MONEY UP FRONT – Choose any of our brochure sales and you do not pay for anything until the completion of your sale. Simply choose your brochure, collect the money as you take orders, pay only for the product ordered and you keep the profit.
  • FREE ORDER FORMS - We provide all the selling materials absolutely free. We furnish color brochures, order forms and cover letters for all your sellers at no cost to your organization.
  • AVAILABLE ANY TIME OF THE YEAR - We have a fundraising program that is perfect for any season- Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. We are a year around fundraising company and will find a program that is perfect for your organization.
  • FREE SHIPPING – We ship orders across the country and shipping is always free as long as you meet the low minimum of at least 150 units.
  • INCENTIVE PROGRAMS - Our incentive programs are designed to motivate students to participate in the schools fundraiser. We offer cumulative prize programs, cash back incentive, limousine rides, inflatable parties and much more. Ask your representative for more details.
  • ONLINE ORDERING - We offer online ordering for all of your out-of-town customers. Your organization gets the profit, your students earn credit for the sales and there is no work on your part. The items are shipped directly to the customer (hassle free).
  • PACKING OPTIONS - We offer different packing options depending on the brochure selection and the needs of your organization. Pre-packaged per student orders are available in most cases. If you have a group of volunteers you can take your order bulk,but it will still be picked to the piece to avoid any left overs.

Why Choose The Goodies Factory?

As a family-owned and operated business, we manufacture our popcorn and cookie dough, and ship it to you directly from our warehouse, thereby cutting out the cost of the middleman. Because of this, we're able to offer not only the highest profits available, but also several personalized services that our competitors don't offer. When you book a fundraiser with The Goodies Factory, you'll enjoy the ease and satisfaction of working with our friendly staff and knowledgeable sales coordinators.




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