School Fundraising- Is It Right For You?

Committing to a school fundraiser can be nerve wracking, especially if you haven’t hosted a fundraiser before. You may be wondering if fundraising is the right choice for your organization. Is the effort worth the potential gains? Will your school benefit from fundraising? Learning more about fundraising will help you to determine if hosting a fundraiser is the right choice for your school, group or organization at this time.

Does Your School Need Additional Funding?

One of the main reasons to host a fundraiser is to earn extra money for your school. Consider if your school needs any extra money. Fundraising is a great way to fill in budgetary gaps or to fund programs that would otherwise be too expensive. School fundraising can also support clubs and groups as well as sports teams and other athletic programs.

One great way to determine if your school needs additional funding is to ask various school organizations if they could benefit from additional funds. You may find needs that would otherwise be forgotten. You can also look around the school for areas that need improvement. For example if the school parking lot needs painting or if the textbooks are getting old, you can host a fundraiser to remedy the problem.

Consider Your Support Options

School fundraisers can earn a lot of money for your school, but they are a lot of work. They also require school wide support to be successful. If you are considering a fundraiser ask yourself what level of support you will likely receive. Will parents be willing to help their children sell products? Will the school administration approve a fundraiser? Will volunteers be willing to help you take orders, distribute products and stay organized? If you don’t have the support you need, it will be difficult to have a successful fundraiser. Remember that support can grow over time, so if your school is lacking in support right now, start working on building relationships so that a fundraiser can be more successful in the future.

Will The Products Sell?

One great thing about school fundraising is the vast assortment of fundraisers available. There are cookie dough fundraisers, candy bar fundraisers, catalog sales, car washes and many other great fundraising options available. This means that you will be able to find a choice that is both convenient and profitable. Before you choose a fundraiser make sure that the product will sell in your area. For example if your school is located in a big city and most students live in apartments, you might not want to hold a gardening themed fundraiser. On the other hand during the holiday season you can make great money with a holiday gift wrap fundraiser. Think about your school and then choose a school fundraising option that is compatible with the needs and wants of the students and parents.

School fundraising can be a great way to earn extra money for your school. These simple tips will help you to determine if your school can benefit from a fundraiser.


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