School Fundraising- 5 Reasons to Hold One Today

Is it time for another school fundraiser? Your school may be used to hosting one or two fundraisers a year, but for maximum profitability fundraising should be considered all year round. Here are five great reasons to start planning your next school fundraiser today.

New Playground or Sports Equipment

Playground and sporting equipment is often the first expense to be cut from tight budgets. This can be a great reason to host a fundraiser. Another great benefit of having a school fundraiser to purchase playground items is that they are often very affordable. This means that a small fundraiser can easily help your organization to purchase all the equipment that they will need. Students will be excited and willing to help make this fundraiser a success.

Keep After School Programs Available

All too often after school activities like tutoring, after school sports, day care and other programs are cut from school budgets. These programs can really benefit working parents since it gives them an affordable alternative to child care. Another huge benefit of keeping these programs available is that they keep students safe and help them to stay out of trouble. If these programs aren’t available at your school consider hosting a fundraiser or two to earn the money needed for these programs. They will be a great benefit to students and parents alike.

Expose Students to New Cultural Experiences

A well rounded educational experience should feature both classroom learning and educational field trips. Field trips enhance the classroom learning experience and expose students to new cultures, ideas and experiences. School fundraisers can help schools to afford more frequent field trips. Students will have a richer educational experience and teachers will be better able to make learning come alive for their students.

Purchase Classroom Materials

Many teachers spend their own money purchasing items and supplies for their classroom. This can be financially draining especially since teachers don’t always earn a lot of money. Fundraising can provide the additional money that teachers need to purchase classroom materials and supplies. This will relieve the strain on teacher’s pocketbooks and will allow teachers more flexibility in planning art projects, lessons and classroom displays. Even a few hundred dollars can make a huge difference to already overworked and underpaid teachers.

Add More Technology

We live in a technological world and students need to have early exposure to technology. This may mean updating computer labs, putting computers in every classroom or purchasing new software programs for students to try. Fundraising can help your school to earn the money needed for technological improvements. This will provide students with a stronger technology background and will benefit both their educational experience and their future lives.

As you can see there are many reasons to start planning your next school fundraiser. If you would like to earn more money for your school start thinking of ways that your school could use the extra money. Once you have a goal in mind, plan a fundraiser and make it happen. School fundraising provides benefits to teachers, students, parents and even the community.



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