School Fundraising- Making the Most of Your Earnings

School fundraising is a lot of work, so it is important to use the money that you earn carefully. Without a plan your earnings will quickly disappear and your school won’t have much to show for all of your efforts. Here are four quick tips for maximizing the spending power of your school fundraising earnings.

Start with a Plan

Before your fundraiser even begins you should have a plan in place for the fundraising earnings. Your plan needs to be very specific. For example if your spring cookie dough fundraiser is going to earn money for your school’s music program you should decide exactly how this money will be spent. Dedicate the fundraising earnings to a specific purchase like new violins or a band field trip. Then you can determine how much money you will need to earn to achieve your goal. You can also set up a backup plan for the extra money that you may earn as well.

Stick with the Plan

Once a plan is in place you need to stick with it. Don’t use the money that you earned for new playground equipment to purchase text books or to pay for a teacher’s retreat. It is so easy to let fundraising earnings slip away by using them for other needs in the budget. If you need more money, plan another fundraiser; don’t use the money that was earned for a different purpose. When you stick to the plan you will see progress and will know where your earnings are going. When you just use school fundraising earnings like cash, they will quickly disappear and your efforts will seem like they amounted to nothing.

Maximize Your Earnings

It is important to spend every dollar carefully, whether you earn hundreds or thousands with each fundraiser. In addition to spending carefully, you can also earn more with each fundraiser which will make the money that you earn last longer and buy more. Work with reputable fundraising companies. Before signing up for any school fundraiser, carefully research each company that you are considering. Try to find a provider that can offer your organization high profit margins and a quality product. Remember that shipping charges, upfront fees and other expenses can take away from your profit potential, so keep these expenses in mind as you determine which fundraising company will bring your school the highest earnings. Once you have a great fundraiser provider in place strive to sell as much as possible as this will also increase your profitability.

Use Your Earnings Wisely

Fundraising earnings will go quickly, so find ways to make the most of every dollar you spend. If you want new playground equipment shop around and find the best prices or see if you could receive a discount by ordering other items at the same time. Also try to fulfill some needs for your school with donations. You may be able to get local businesses to donate food or gifts to a teacher appreciation lunch or school supplies for your classrooms. These donations will save your school’s money and will allow you to use your fundraising money for larger ticket purchases.

Fundraising earnings are hard earned, so make the most of them. These money saving tips will help you to make sure that each dollar you earn in the fundraising process is used to provide maximum benefit for your school.

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