Candy Bar School Fundraiser- 5 Tips for Success

Candy bar fundraisers can be a great way to earn money for your school. They are easy to plan and can be very profitable if done correctly. Here are five helpful tips that will help you to make the most of your next candy bar fundraiser and to earn as much money as possible for your school.

Don’t Order Too Much

Most of the time you will need to pre-order your candy bars and then sell them. This means that you must estimate how many candy bars you will need. It is important to calculate carefully because if you order too much you probably won’t be able to make any returns. Ordering too much can really cut into your profits.

Make Sure You Order Enough

While you don’t want to order too many candy bars, you will want to be sure to order enough. Many candy bar fundraising companies offer higher profit margins to those that order larger quantities of candy, so order as much as you will be able to sell. One great way to determine how much to order is to calculate how many candy bars each student will be expected to sell and then to order accordingly.

Store Your Candy Properly

Proper candy storage is essential for keeping your candy fresh and tasty. Storage is an important concern any time of the year, but it is an especially important concern during the summer months. Chocolate candy bars melt quickly, so they will need to be stored in a cool environment at all times. Before you order your candy think about how you will store it. Once the candy arrives at your school make sure that it is stored properly and that you educate students about properly storing their candy as well to reduce melting and product loss. Any candy bars that you can’t sell will be profits lost for your school.

Take Advantage of Prime Selling Opportunities

Once you get into selling mode you will easily find many places to sell the candy bars that you order. They are great additions to snack stands and vending machines. They can also be sold at sporting events, around campus and even around the community. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with state and local regulations so that you can take advantage of these great selling opportunities. For example in some areas there are restrictions about the type of products that can be sold on school campuses. In these areas you may do better selling healthy treats to students rather than candy bars, since candy bars might not be able to be sold at school.

Evaluate and Try Again

Once your candy bar fundraiser comes to an end you can learn important lessons that will improve the results of your next school fundraiser. Were you able to sell all of the candy you ordered? Do you wish that you had ordered more? What products sold well? Which products did not sell as well? The answers to these questions will help you to determine how to increase your profitability and results with the next fundraiser. Each fundraiser will get a little easier and your profits will continue to increase. If you need a great fundraising choice for your next school fundraiser, consider candy bar sales. It is an easy and fun choice that can really earn great profits for your school.


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