Cookie Dough Fundraisers- 5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Supplier

The supplier you choose for your cookie dough fundraiser is very important. They will provide you with all of your cookie dough and ordering materials. The right supplier will make the school fundraising process easy and enjoyable, but the wrong supplier might leave you regretting your decision to hold a cookie dough sale. Luckily there are many great cookie dough fundraising suppliers out there. Here are five key questions to ask potential suppliers so that you can be sure that you are making the right choice for your next school fundraiser.

How is the Cookie Dough Made?

Delicious cookie dough is an important part of any cookie dough fundraiser. You will want to choose a cookie dough supplier that makes their dough using high quality ingredients. Look for companies that use fresh ingredients like flour, sugar, butter and real vanilla extract. This will ensure that each batch of cookies will taste like homemade. Delicious cookies will be easier to sell. Plus your purchasers will be more likely to spend money on your next fundraiser if they were pleased with the quality of product that they receive on this one.

What Profits Will My School Receive?

Profitability is an important consideration for any school fundraiser. Most fundraising providers offer schools a percentage of the total amount sold. For example your fundraising company might offer you 40% of your sales total. This means that if you sell $10,000 worth of product your school will receive $4,000. Each cookie dough supplier’s profit potential can vary so it is a good idea to check with several companies so that you can find the best rate available. Remember that quality is important and you may need to work with a fundraising company that offers lower profits to get a better product.

Do You Offer Customer Service?

During the fundraiser you might have questions, so choosing a supplier that offers customer service is important. Ask if customer service is available and what options you will have if assistance is needed. Some companies offer email support, others assign sales representatives to each school and some may offer phone support. It might be a good idea to contact customer service once or twice before choosing a company to learn more about the quality of the customer service team before you make your final choice.

What Fees Can I Expect?

Hidden charges and extra fees will take away from your school’s profits. Talk with your fundraising supplier and find out what fees your school can expect. Some companies charge for shipping and handling. Other companies might have an order fee or supply charge. As you compare company profitability don’t forget to include these fees.

Why Should I Choose Your Company?

This question might seem simple, but the answer that is provided will teach you a lot about the potential supplier. Many companies offer special services that their competitors do not, and asking this question will give the supplier a great opportunity to explain the benefits that they offer. Asking companies why they are a great choice will help you to see which companies really are a good choice.

The cookie dough supplier that you choose will have a big impact on the overall success of your next school fundraiser. Take time and do your research so that you can pick a great one.


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