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School Fundraising- Finding Ways to Say Thank You

A school fundraiser isn’t finished when the last dollar is collected and the orders are sent out. Once your finish the actual work of the fundraiser you need to keep going a little longer and thank all those that made the fundraiser a success. Saying thank you is a great way to let the many volunteers know that you appreciate their efforts and will make it easier to find help the next time around.

Show Your Appreciation

Volunteers make fundraising possible and showing appreciation will help them to realize how much their help really means. A thank you lunch is a great way to let all of your volunteers know that help is appreciated. You can easily and affordably hold a simple thank you brunch or breakfast after each fundraiser. If this isn’t possible, a simple thank you note will also go a long way.

Give a Little Gift

Some volunteers will really go the extra mile for a school fundraiser. You might have one or two volunteers that come in every day and that work late into the night counting receipts and organizing. These special volunteers deserve special recognition. Consider asking local businesses to donate items that you can use as thank you gifts for these volunteers. Another great way to say thanks is to have students make a thank you gift. For example you could ask several classes to make one special thank you card each and then you could use these cards to thank your special volunteers.

Thank Parents

In addition to thanking your volunteers, make sure that you also let parents know that you appreciate their help. They probably helped their students to sell cookie dough or catalog items to friends and neighbors. Even if they didn’t volunteer for the fundraiser specifically, parents help a lot behind the scenes. Sending a thank you letter home with the students will help parents know that you recognize their contribution to your fundraising success. Sharing statistics from the fundraiser like total sales and total amount earned will help the parents to see that their efforts are worth it.

Don’t Forget the Students

Students are another key factor in the success of your fundraiser. Students love to receive prizes as a thank you. When you are choosing a fundraiser consider finding one that has a built in incentive program. This will encourage students to sell more and the prizes will serve as an excellent thanks once the fundraiser is complete.

Ask for Feedback

While you are saying thank you don’t forget to ask for feedback. Parents, students and other volunteers can provide you with crucial information that will help make your next fundraiser more successful. They can tell you what items sell well and which do not as well as ways to help the fundraiser to run more smoothly. Asking for this feedback is important after any fundraiser. Don’t forget that once you ask for feedback you need to remember it, so be sure to write everything down.

The things you do after a fundraiser are often just as important as the things that you do during a fundraiser. Saying thank you is a great way to say goodbye to any school fundraiser.

School Fundraising- Tips for Involving Teachers

Teachers play an important part in the educational process. They are the ones that directly teach and influence students as they work with them each day. Since teachers are so actively involved in the educational process they can be a great resource for your school fundraising efforts. Here are five helpful tips for involving teachers in the fundraising process.

Ask Them What They Need

Teachers devote huge amounts of personal time and money to their students and classrooms. They often purchase school supplies, classroom materials and more with their own money. Teachers also are aware of the many educational products available and may have a special insight into the items that would best benefit the students. Teachers don’t have to play an actual role in the fundraising process to be able to provide important information about how the money can and should be used.

Ask for Their Support

School fundraising can make a teacher’s job more difficult. Students might be excited about a fundraiser which will make it more difficult for them to listen and work. Assemblies and other fundraising related tasks can take away from classroom learning time. This can be very frustrating for teachers, so be understanding and ask for their support. Let them know that there will be a fundraiser in advance and work with them to limit classroom disruptions.

Encourage Them to Sell

Teachers often have a pool of friends, family and associates that they can easily sell to. If you are offering high quality products most people are happy to purchase from your fundraising catalogs to support your school. Ask the teachers to play an active role in the school fundraiser and to ask friends and family if they would like to make a purchase. Remember the more people you contact, the more sales you will make and the more money your school will earn. Teachers can help to increase your profits by selling to those that they know.

Invite Them to Volunteer

Teachers may also be willing to volunteer time to the school fundraiser. They can be a great help in passing out fundraising materials, working with the fundraising company and distributing products. While some teachers won’t be able to donate any extra time, many will be willing to help so be sure to invite them to help. Remember that teachers are busy. If they aren’t able to help don’t pressure them and always make good use of the time that is offered.

Get Them to Motivate

Teachers can be a great motivating influence on their students. If a teacher is supportive of a fundraiser they can encourage their students to sell and can make the fundraising process more fun. Ask your teachers what you can do to make the fundraiser more convenient for them and listen to their requests. In return they may be willing to encourage and motivate their students throughout the fundraising process. Remember that in school fundraising everyone has the same goal of providing the best education possible to the students.

School fundraising profits will increase when you are able to involve all school staff in the fundraising process. Teachers can play a critical role in making a fundraiser more successful and profitable.