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Cookie Dough School Fundraiser- Tips for Easy Distribution

Cookie dough fundraisers are one of the most profitable and popular school fundraising choices, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t without complications. Since cookie dough is a fresh product and needs to be refrigerated, distribution can be a real challenge. Here are some helpful tips that will make cookie dough school fundraiser distribution much easier.

Set a Date and a Time Early

Before your fundraiser even begins choose a date and time to distribute your cookie dough to students. This way parents will be able to plan for cookie dough pick up well in advance. Distribution will take time so plan on spending a good part of the morning or afternoon passing out dough. Be open and upfront about your selected distribution time from Day 1 so that parents know what to expect and that there aren’t any surprises when it comes time for pickup.

Remember you aren’t the only one involved in scheduling a cookie dough pickup. Make sure that you coordinate your delivery time with your school fundraising company so that you can be sure that the selected date will actually work. Publicizing the wrong date will cause more problems that simply choosing a date at the last minute, so if you want to let people know the date in advance make sure that it is right.

Stagger Pickups

Imagine 100 parents and students all showing up at the same time to pick up their cookie dough. It would be pure chaos. Staggering pickup times will allow you to quickly get parents their product. It will also help to lessen the chances of mistakes.

You can assign each grade level a specific pick up time. For example you might have the first graders and their parents pick up dough before school, the second graders come in the afternoon and the third grade classes stop by after school. Another possibility is to have parents sign up for specific pick up times that work for them. One final option is to drop dough off to student classrooms and to have parents pick it up from there.

Don’t Forget Refrigeration

Cookie dough must be refrigerated at all times. This means that you will need to put some thought into keeping the dough cold as you pass it out. Extra fridge space is the easiest option, but if this isn’t a possibility you might also be able to keep the dough cool in coolers. Parents may be willing to lend extra fridges or coolers so don’t be afraid to ask. Also encourage parents to bring coolers of their own when they pick up so that the dough will stay cold as it makes its way from the school to the purchasers. Have extra ice on hand just in case it is needed. Remind parents and students that the dough is perishable and encourage them to take it straight to purchasers.

Get Lots of Help

Volunteers will make distribution much easier. You can never have too many helpers. Volunteers can help control lines, process orders, find product and more. Remember that you need to have an organized system in place so that each order makes its way to the right parent, so limit the number of people that you have passing out the dough directly. Instead use your volunteers for other tasks like carrying orders to cars or unpacking cases of dough. Encourage parents and other volunteers to spend time making your school fundraiser a success.

Distribution is the most difficult part of a cookie dough school fundraiser, but with these helpful tips it can be much easier than you might have thought.

School Fundraising

Most schools are given a set amount of money from the state and federal government, but yet it does not cover everything that the parents and teachers want the school to do. That is where school fundraising comes in helping raise money for the extras like fields trips and after school sports.


There are many kinds of fundraisers from walk a thons to recycling printer cartridges. One of the most common fundraiser is food and gifts based fundraisers.  Both food and gift based fundraisers have an advantage and that is making profits predictable for each fundraiser.


Having products that everybody knows what they taste like makes food based fundraisers profitable and easy.  Gifts fundraisers are great for the holiday seasons.  Some schools choose to fundraise with two brochures at the same time to make sure that there is something for everyone.


One of the most popular foods for fundraisers is cookie dough. Everybody loves cookie dough you can either cook it or eat it raw.  Most cookie dough can be frozen for up to a year and refrigerated for a month.  The first step in starting a cookie dough fundraiser is selecting a fundraising company.  There are many factors in selecting a fundraising company like cookie dough product, time frame of your fundraiser, selling material and prize programs that you need to research before selecting a company.

Once you have selected your fundraising company all you need to do is select the kick off date, the delivery date and the brochure for your fundraiser.  You will all so have to find volunteers for helping out during the kick off and delivery.  The kick off is the start of your 2 week fundraiser. The kick off should explain how the fundraiser works, the prize involved and how to sell the goods. After two weeks, the money is collected and the order is sent to the company you have selected.


On the delivery date, the company brings the goods you have ordered in either a bulk or individual student shipping options.  Bulk shipping is where the goods come in boxes and you have to sort each order for the student. The other option is have the goods presorted for each student so you do not need to.  With bulk shipping there is the potential that your volunteers may fulfill the orders incorrectly.  This can leaving you with too much or too little products, when your parents come to pick up their orders. The parents then deliver the goods to their family and friends that ordered. And the fundraiser is complete.  Reminding the parents that their orders are in and they need to be picked up is one of the more frustrating parts of the fundraiser.


On delivery of the order, you will pay the company and you keep the rest. Typically you can increase your profit margins by booking your fall and spring fundraisers at the same time. You can also increase your margins by preferring bulk shipping over student shipping.


Fundraisers may not be the most pleasant activity in the world but it helps out your school and the students.  It allows the school to continue offering activities that the students are interested in like music, fieldtrips and extracurricular activities that you know are important to developing well rounded students.